Saturday, October 4, 2014

French Connection: Window Shopping Lust Have List for Fall

Happy October!  We know you're excited to lace up those tall boots and add some sexy knee highs, and we love it, it's cute.  But it's coming to the end of 2014 which means it's that time of year to "chic up" your wardrobe and daily essentials.  

Where to start? 

Gearing up for fall for me means checking out my favorite collections online.  

Tonight I want to feature my dream pieces and outfit ideas from French Connection 

With such classically chic and timeless style, their trends for this season are so on point i am breaking a sweat.

I am a sucker for monochrome in black + white, so these 
are right up my alley for a #lusthave.

Ciao Checked Trousers

I go pretty crazy for anything furry + navy so this 
 is literally calling my name.  Actually, singing.  
Most definitely singing my name.
Contessa Fur Coat

Falling in love with the simplicity of the
and I only need two words to describe it: fucking cool.
Foil Pleated Skirt

Total must have is the perfect leather jacket and the
 hits the perfect nail right on it's pretty little head.
Cali Leather Jacket

Last but not least, I would have to include this stunning 
to complete my daily look.
Nena Leather Tote Bag

You can see all of the newest arrivals and collections here at:

until next time dolls xx..

love + hugs,

Ashley Blair

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hi dolls! Let the Blogging Begin!

I have been meaning to start blogging and with the beginning of summer, I thought it is the perfect time to start.  I currently have a Fashion Instagram account, @velvetandvenice , and with its continued success I have been more inspired than ever to take it to the web and start incorporating my thoughts and writing in addition to my photos.  So here it is, a daily account of what I am wearing, doing, thinking and feeling and I hope it is something you all can enjoy.  I am going to begin today's entry with something I wrote a few months ago.  It's about loving yourself through even the hardest of times.  It's about the animals and the human in all of us and how the power of love will prevail.

We are all wild animals dancing madly with soul.
We must remember to breathe in the seasons, to fall in love with the sounds when the trees stand still.
We must stop to hear the morning's songs, and yes, there is a sinking feeling in all of us.
And yes, I left my life jacket on shore.
We swam within you for days.
 I took in your breath and I held your heart in my hands.
We see ourselves in your arms and then you turn to dust.
We question the depths of your oceans and we search for the meaning in the things we clench on to.
Within all of us,
there is a longing for love and peace.
We may know that no one is ever alone,
as we are all apart of a whole;
That there's always tomorrow and the sun will rise again.
Wrap yourself in the warmth and the blanket of golden rays.
Divine gifts and visions of crystals.
We will sing through the sadness.
We will find music in the way your heart beats and I will carve out the moon in your eyes.
You will feel as if you are missing something, and I will hope it is me.

Time doesn't always heal, but the seasons change.
To love is to find the madness and live within it.
Find beauty in the chaos and as we grow old we must never grow tired.
To live is to breathe every moment as if its the last.
We wish we knew what you were thinking.
We must remember to breathe slowly, to hear the grass grow;
Keeping our heart to a steady volume.
There is really no way to explain this.
Let go and let live.
Like the bees make honey, like the flowers beating love into the mud.
We all get the feeling of running away, without actually running.
Only something a drive could cure.
A cold night, crisp winds, and hints of laughter in the air.
Shake it off; it's a cold world out there, sometimes we feel as if we are drifting below zero ourselves.
Windy minds melt the proud.
The road less traveled is out there, and it's nothing like you've ever imagined.
State of mind is not an ocean, not an island, and not a road.
Search for the human in all people.
All of our hearts have felt heavy with grief.
Some say we will learn the difference between being liked and being alive.
We will learn that to be trustworthy, we must be true to ourselves.
We will learn that there isn't any one right way or such thing as an unforgivable mistake.
We will learn that our hearts can break and be strong again.
We will feel free and meet the clouds.
The birds will cry and the songs will lick us on our faces.
The world is encased with tears of turquoise and joy.
A surplus of joy.
We will seek for a place that feels more than warm.
We will die among the ocean's waves and we will rest among the roaring sound of silence.
Dreams find the words we can't.
It was loud, and then the trumpets rang out.
And so in time, we will melt away like last night's moon.
You will spread your wings and we'll fly,
You will close your eyes and we'll sleep.